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Coyne Airways

Coyne Airways is an all cargo airline based in London, United Kingdom. It has a separate operation in Dubai, UAE. The Airline has built a global reputation for providing reliable and secure scheduled cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations.

Coyne Airways has been operating in the Caspian region since 1994 and was the first western carrier offering scheduled services in that region.  Equally, they were the first carrier in Iraq following the end of combat operations in 2004 and two years later into Afghanistan.

Coyne Airways is a neutral service provider with a proven track record for both the reliability and quality of its services and communications. In destinations where local difficulties are a part of everyday life, Coyne Airways’ customers are able to manage their businesses with complete confidence because of Coyne’s local market expertise and contacts, its ability to recover potential delays before they impact the customers’ supply chain and through its open and honest approach.

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Coyne Airways - General Information
IATA Code 7C
Prefix 575
Fleet size 4
Number of Freighters 4
Aerial Destinations 18
Local market aircrafts type  Freighters
Local market service type Offline
Airline Website Address http://www.coyneair.comhttp://www.coyneair.com