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  • What is an Airline GSA? What are it's duties?

    A GSA (General Sales Agent) is committed to pursuing and achieving the best possible results for it's represented carriers in it's designated airfreight market.
    Outsourcing is the proven way  for carriers in the dynamic and ever-more competitive airfreight market to ensure the highest yield and load factors, while saving substantial costs.

  • Why should an Airline Choose A.D. Aviation Services as GSA?

    A.D. Aviation Services is the leading GSA in Israel. The company values above all the fair, open and transparent long-term partnership with the carriers it represents.
    Our sales team is compiled of experienced and dedicated cargo staff with proven influence over the key-decision makers in the Israeli forwarders community. This ensures our clients will achieve the best possible results in the complex, dynamic and very competitive airfreight market in Israel.
    A.D. Aviation Services can support its clients with a wide array of services and solutions – from operations, flight planning on any type of aircrafts, build-up supervision, tracing, detailed market analysis,  accounting and billing.  We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions in accordance with the needs and requirements of our clients.

  • How can I contact A.D. Aviation Services?

    Business Development:
    Tal Zipper, CEO.

    Sales:  Or call : +972-74-7183224

    Zvika Bar Haim , CFO,  Or call : +972-74-7183212